20+ years team Development Experience
PHP, JS, HTML, CSS/SASS, Grunt (and other preprocessing flows)
Familiarity with multiple Development Platforms
WordPress, Magento, Angular, Jekyll
20+ years Design Experience (web and print)
Owner holds graphic design degree; we have extensive Adobe product experience (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign)
Experienced with financial institution specific development
ADA Compliance/WCAG 2.0 Level AA guidelines
Familiarity with WP Engine working environment
Staging, Live, backup points and purge all caches...
Extensive WordPress Experience
From installation to custom theme development to troubleshooting issues to adding functionality or even page copy/content

Working with Agencies

We Play Well With Others: How Can We Help You?

If you're looking for additional web development support for your in-house team, we can help. We're remotely located team players connected to your team via GIT (you can find us on github and bitbucket) email, or other web based communication interfaces like instant messaging or video conferencing. We regularly support a number of B Corp clients as well as various non-profit organizations with their web presence.

If you're a design studio looking for a web development partner to take your designs and translate your visions to the web with a mobile-first approach, we can help. We can create pixel perfect responsive websites for you/your clients.

Bitclone: Your Remote Working Team

We are geographically located in the Portland, Oregon metro area. But you don't need to be...Your location can be anywhere with internet connectivity and thanks to the wonders of modern communication technology we can effectively connect without being in the same physical space.

Some of the ways we might communicate and/or exchange project assets: emails, work order or contract, video chat (Zoom, Skype, GoToMeeting, etc.), dropbox, google docs and/or google drive, instant messaging or chat (google hangouts, etc.), emails with screen grabs, et al.

Our Workflow

You provide project specifications including timeline and available budget (what is the work, what compensation is being offered for the work, when is the work due)

Contract is provided and signed/agreed to

You provide access to needed assets to accomplish work (could include: bitbucket access, wp engine access, staging and Live website access, SFTP/WordPress credentials, graphical assets like psds for design comps, word docs, project manager access, technical access to your lead developer or developer guidelines for your organization, whatever else might be required)

We provide access to our work/the finished product on your Staging site for final review and approval

Upon approval we can help take the new work Live (or you can take it from Staging and implement it at your convenience)

Our Rates and Payment Schedule

  • $75/hour development work
  • $55/hour WordPress work (install, config, test, etc.), web project management work
  • $35/hour content/copy loading
  • * lower rates may be possible for monthly retainer relationships

For projects costing $500+ we request 50% up front to commence work and 50% upon completion/taking it Live

For projects estimates under $500 (or more piecemeal work requests) we'll bill monthly (near 1st of month)

Bitclone, LLC is happy to fill out a W-9 and/or provide you with our TIN

We're Proud of What We've Done

Please check out our Work if you'd like to see examples of what we've created for others.

Let's Chat

You'll enjoy working with us - we're creative, reliable and experienced.

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Ways We Might Help:

Design comps developed into HTML/CSS & custom WordPress theme
You provide the design comps and needed assets; we provide a semantically coded responsive custom WordPress theme
Add additional functionality to client website
Using javascript and/or plugins or add-ons as CMS appropriate
Partial or Sectional Design & Development for client website
You provide design comps and assets, we build the html/css
E-commerce development
WordPress/WooCommerce, Shopify, Big Commerce, etc.
HTTPS/SSL conversion of client website
Google gives preference to secure websites in SERP's
Load website with content/copy
Via CMS admin or in html files - can also resize images for use
Full Design (or Redesign) & Development package for website
Discovery meetings, Kick-off meetings, mood boards, wireframes, on-page seo and content, design comps, valid html/css and a custom WordPress theme and training - from concept to WordPress housed website