Eric's Hats!

10+ years of development experience with PHP, JS, HTML, CSS/SASS, Grunt (and other preprocessing flows).
Development Platforms
Wordpress, Magento, Angular, Jekyll...more every day.
20+ years of Design experience, using Adobe products, and more recently Sketch.

What We Do

This dynamic duo of hat wearing creative tech workers can assist you in a number of ways. If you don't see what you're looking for feel free to Contact Us with a description of your project requirements. We often work in tandem with other highly specialized industry individuals and can work with you to meet your project goals.

We can manage your web project in-house from start to finish (concept to live website), or if you represent an agency, we can work seamlessly with your team from our remote location (we have our GIT hats on everyday, working with repositories on Bitbucket and Github). We can offer reduced rates for monthly recurring retainers.

Choose a hat size and style that fits your requirements!

Alex's Hats!

Project Management
Working with clients to set goals, estimate budgets, and manage web projects to completion.
10 years of development experience with HTML, CSS/SASS, Wordpress themes, HTTPS integration.
Wordpress configuration, troubleshooting, content management and formatting. WP Engine hosted site administration. WooCommerce.